A B2B platform for the modular creation of smart contracts for supply chain management.

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Working process

Digitalized Contracts and Automatic Monitoring Process

No paper work is required anymore! The contract partners are now able to integrate their contract contents in an automated sheet. The whole process of assigning suppliers and managing of supply contracts are automatically monitored.

Milestone Configurator & Automatic Payment

The Milestone Configurator enables contract partners to integrate their contract contents in a pre-configured and configurable structure. Payments are conducted automatically when the Milestones have been reached. Purchasers and suppliers agree on this in advance when they arrange the contract.

Change Requests

It has never been so fast and easy to setup new change requests especially for high customized products and integrate them automatically with the digitalized contracts. Smart Modulare Contracts integrate the new change requests dynamically while the contract is being executed.

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The team

„Teams should be able to act with the same unity of purpose and focus as a well motivated individual.“

Bill gates


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